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JPB IT Solutions has a more cost efficient solution for your telephony installation but with high quality sound.

VoIP is the abbreviation of Voice over IP, meaning: making calls over the internet. The requirements for this setup consists of only two things: a stable internet connection and suitable phones. The VoIP phones and corresponding base station can be provided by JPB IT Solutions. Click here to preview the required hardware

Before this service can be used the phone has to be connected to power and JPB will take care of the correct settings of the base station and the server it connects to. After this quick installation the phones are ready for use. 

Lowest prices

JPB IT Solutions offers the most beneficial prices for VoIP. Unlike other companies we have no starting rate, but we charge a fixed amount per minute. No more worrying about how much you called. Click here to compare VoIP prices


Price per user =  €7,-
Installation fee (one time) =  €25,-
Porting single number =  €10,-
New number / Number series  =  €1 / €10
Starting rate =  0
Landline to landline =  €0,20
Landline to mobile =  €0,40


With the VoIP service it's possible to arrange your telephony efficiently. With the software that comes with VoIP you can make Call Flows, giving you the option to make your own schemes, deciding on the interaction of the phones and your in and outgoing calls. To make VoIP even more manageable you can create call groups. With an application accessible via smartphone we can make sure that you are always contactable and are able to make outgoing calls. The possibilities are almost endless and JPB is always ready to assist in optimizing your telephony.

Functionality and benefits

  • Lowest prices in the Netherlands
  • Call flow Editor
  • No notice
  • Your own telephone server
  • Worldwide inexpensive phone calls via smartphone app
  • Synchronization with the user system
  • Scalable

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