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  • Your employees submit their own hours; more insight and lower costs!

    Your employees submit their own hours; more insight and lower costs!

    Time sheet registration system

  • If safety is one of the highest priorities

    If safety is one of the highest priorities

    Work permit system

  • We are here for you

    We are here for you

    Consultancy & product training

About JPB IT Solutions

We offer IT solutions based on Open source Linux. Open source software is much safer than Windows or other familiar operating systems. No more high investments in software or license fee once a year. Perhaps you have never heard of Open source software, but it is very likely you are using it on a daily basis; Android and Apple are prime examples.

Some applications only work on Windows (or partly), but this is not a problem. Through the remote desktop application you can easily use Windows orientated programs in a different session.

Inexpensive, reliable and secure

That is Linux. We speak from experience. JPB IT Solutions has emerged from JPB Groep, a group of companies in Logistic and Industrial service. Five years ago we made the change to Open Source Linux, with success! Our costs have dropped, our systems have become more stable and we have not been plagued by attacks from outside.

No investments, all contracts are terminable per month

We are convinced by our solutions so we do not ask for any investment. All of our contracts are terminable per month. Payment is per person. JPB IT Solutions delivers the needed hardware and software for a fixed monthly fee, which are the lowest in comparison.

The "start-up idea"


from... the urge to automate the processes within the JPB Groep. With the audacity we discover different, better and cost efficient ways. In most situations this is a combination of opensource and organized solutions.

Who are we?

IT through a different lens

A mix of people from diverse backgrounds with an affinity for IT. Therefore we look at IT differently. Functionality beyond 'nice to have'.

What makes us different

Knowledge, young & enthusiastic

We think the best from your business. A solution always will be found after passionate commitment. We will find a solution that fits your business with little or no external licensing fees.

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