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Safety is one the highest priorities in almost every organization. Therefore many organizations use a work permit system. JPB IT Solutions’ work permit module ensures that this process is digitized, structured and more efficient.

The work permit module is explicitly designed to relieve the workload of employees as it shifts the majority of the responsibility to the one requesting a work permit: He is responsible for the actual execution of the job.

The requester (no matter if this is an internal employee or an external company) is well aware of the applicable safety regulations and conditions he comes across and it makes sense that he will carefully consider all possible dangers. This makes the requester exceptionally suitable for providing the basis for the final work permit.

This module is completely web based. The requester can only access the module online when authorized by you.

How does it work?

Each request is submitted through the online portal. The requester describes:

  • At which location
  • Which tasks he will execute
  • Which measurements he will take to execute the tasks safely
  • Which tools he will bring along

When the request has been submitted, the work permit will be authorized with a digital signature. The system will track which people have contributed to the realization of the work permit in a log.

As soon as the authorization of the work permit is finalized and printed, the work permit is visible at the site. The work permit will also show the house rules your company maintains.


  • Web based (works on every device)
  • Log registration
  • Task-risk analysis
  • Flexibly arranged according to your needs (roles and permissions)
  • Less room for error
  • Create templates and adapt them for specific work activities

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