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Private Cloud Desktop

Do you consider it important to have your data safe and secure within your company and are you averse to expensive complicated, unsafe cloud solutions for your employees? JPB IT offers the Private Cloud Desktop as solution.

Nowadays working from home and on the road is very common in business. Many providers offer an online workspace in the cloud as prime solution.  But what defines a workspace? A workspace is a virtual environment where you and your employess can reach the digital work environment on a computer. JPB IT Solutions offers you all the advantages of a virtual workspace in your own Private Cloud.

Private server on your location

JPB IT Solutions provides you with a free of charge local server which enables you and your employees to work at a location of your choice. On your desk there will be a simple and energy efficient mini-pc (also known as: thin client), a monitor, a wireless keyboard and mouse installed. The thin client connects to your local server to ensure your data stays within your company. The advantage compared to working in the Cloud is the internet independency, even without a internet connection you can keep working. 


Having a local server does not mean you have to work locally. A safe VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection with your server allows you to work on numerous locations whilst still having access to your data.

The most cost efficient workspace in the Netherlands

JPT IT Solutions offers a variety of workspaces, either with a Linux or Windows OS. As a customer of JPB IT Solutions you will have the advantage of a Public Cloud within your own Private Cloud at the most reasonable prices in the Netherlands. Pricing starts at just € 20,- per month, please check here to compare prices..

No more expensive investments

The workspaces can be terminated every month and are therefore very flexible. Working from home is practicable and to ensure your data is safe daily back-ups are made. The Private Cloud Desktop workspace can be obtained with hardware, please check the possibilities here.Therefore there is no need to make expensive investments and you will be provided with an excellent functioning all-in one workspace on a monthly base. You know exactly what monthly costs to expect. No more expensive investments and no licence fee to take into account. Please check here for an overview of workspaces and solutions which JPB IT Solutions has to offer.

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